The SRM Service Dispatch & Mobility software is a powerful tool for managing and coordinating communications, assignment, warranty entitlement and labor tracking across your service life cycle. SRM Buddy, our mobile field service solution, provides field technicians with real-time access to service information using any mobile device and platform including iOS, Android and Windows. Service Dispatch makes it a snap to coordinate the arrival of third-party personnel, such as security or supply agents, with your service technicians.

CSDP’s Service Dispatch and Mobility software allows service technicians to record time, parts and expenses against a service request. Service technicians can also get details about warranty service. Service Dispatch will alert technicians when removed components need to be sent back for refurbishment or if precious or hazardous materials need to be reclaimed.

The Service Dispatch software has a powerful Escalation Engine that:

  • Automatically alerts staff or managers when service requests exceed configurable deadlines.
  • Automatically alerts the call center when a request has gone over 30 minutes without being acknowledged by the service agent.
  • Notifies a service technician when an assigned request is within 10 minutes of its contractual on-site time.
  • Enables managers to balance their workload providing swift and efficient service.
  • Allows contact center managers to move work to other queues or call out extra resources when there is a backlog of alerts.

It has never been easier to improve the overall customer service experience. An accurate and real-time view of operations has a profound impact on the performance of service organizations. CSDP can work with your service life cycle management organization to optimize screens and service reports to provide managers with critical work information.

SRM © Service Dispatch & Mobility Features

  • Automate and control work orders with proprietary escalation engine.
  • Track service technician times, parts and expenses.
  • Automatic alerts and notifications improving customer service experiences.
  • Real-time accurate view of dispatch operations prevent service dispatch conflicts.
  • Log, receive, prioritize and respond to service calls from your technicians location with SRM Buddy, CSDP’s mobility solution.
  • Provide dispatchers and managers with real-time visibility of field activity
  • Warranty entitlement alerts.
  • Assign multiple service people to a single job where necessary.
  • Seamlessly integrates with third-party software.
  • Highly customizable options including Depot Repair, Parts & Inventory Control, Contracts & Billing, Reports, Scheduling, Training, Warranty and Entitlements Management.

SRM © Service Dispatch & Mobility Benefits

  • Increase productivity by reducing paperwork and eliminating costly transcription errors when technicians manage calls with SRM Buddy.
  • Complete more jobs.
  • Balance service workload more effectively.
  • Reduce service dispatch costs.
  • Significantly improve customer service experience.
  • See service priorities at a glance.
  • Better decision-making reports for service managers.
  • Expedite customer billing as field technicians close and transmit work orders to record time, activities, parts used, etc. while still in the field.
  • One of the highest ROIs in the industry.

Some of our clients have seen:

  • Decreased cost per warranty repair by 400%.
  • Decreased average cost per repair by 54%
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