Customer Service Delivery Platform Corporation (CSDP) is pleased to announce that we have met all the criteria and earned the distinction to be certified as a “green business” by the Institute for Green Business Certification.  CSDP was certified after a detailed audit of our U.S. business operations.  We expect to see a bottom line benefit as a result of our comprehensive “green” initiatives.  This action demonstrates the CSDP total commitment to not only the health of our community, but to the environmental health and well-being of the entire world.

CSDP specializes in Service Relationship Management® (SRMTM ) , a completely new approach to service delivery, one that helps organizations maximize the value of their service operations. CSDP delivers unparalleled ROI as they can deploy in months, not years. Our services management software solutions can be implemented quickly and efficiently into your existing systems. For more information about CSDP or our services, please contact us.

The Institute for Green Business Certification is the oldest organization of its kind and only one of two to certify business environmental practices worldwide.  For more information on IGBC go to
To discover the significance and magnitude of an IGBC certification, please contact:

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