In a Forrester study, only 25% of the companies surveyed ranked their core service delivery and field service capabilities as very good/outstanding. How satisfied are you with your current service delivery strategy, systems, and processes?

Perhaps you just don’t know where to start. That’s why we’ve developed a series of Service Gap Assessment Tune-Ups. These assessments give you insights into where you might have breakdowns in processes, duplicated efforts, gaps in performance, opportunities to reduce cycle times or areas to simplify and improve processes.

Service Delivery Optimization Assessment

Our Service Delivery Optimization Assessment will show you how to maximize your data, processes and technology within your field service or customer support organization. There are numerous benefits including improved customer interactions, alignment of business processes with objectives and the ability to respond more quickly to business and environmental changes.

Service/Reverse Logistics Assessment and Discovery

Our Reverse Logistics Assessment will help you identify gaps and inefficiencies that could be costing your company significant time and money. Realize the impact new processes and systems can have on your organization. With our analysis you can to eliminate redundancy in systems, minimize personnel and maximize customer interactions.

Revenue Leakage Assessment and Discovery

The Revenue Leakage Assessment helps to evaluate your service and entitlement processes to determine where you might have gaps in your process and where you’re losing revenue. Our assessment focuses on the biggest areas of revenue leakage gaps, such as service entitlements, contracts and warranties. Gain better insight into your service level agreements and contractual terms and conditions, uncovering where you might be over or under delivering on your services. This will help identify failures and correct them, ensuring you will get paid for what you actually deliver to your clients. See how your processes can align with industry standards and best practices.

Business Process Mapping Assessment and Discovery

The objective of our Business Process Mapping Assessment is to document, analyze and improve your current business processes. This analysis focuses on the strategy, direction and objectives of the company and service delivery operation. It looks at the actual work being completed and the impact the processes have on the end customer. Current processes will be compared to industry benchmarks and best practices to align processes with industry standards.

Current State Assessment and Discovery

We also do an assessment based on your specific needs. We will evaluate your current service management solutions to identify areas of inefficiency that could be costing your company significant time and money. Our process ensures that all organizational and functional needs are thoroughly investigated and defined in detail. The Current State Assessment builds a road-map to achieve your service life cycle management needs. We impartially evaluate and establish bench marks for your service delivery operations. We offer suggestions for system and process changes and address their impact on financial performance, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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