CSDP’s solution for Reverse Logistics is designed to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs in depot repair centers and improve inventory and parts management. Our software provides real-time visibility into inventory costs as well as supply and demand. With a clear view of the stock levels of materials, your returns management and depot repair centers gain a competitive advantage.

SRM for Reverse Logistics offers full visibility into your internal and external service operations in a transaction-based pricing model. This cloud-based solution reduces upfront software and hardware capital and charges customers based on actual usage providing rapid ROI.

Reverse Logistics Software Features

  • Accurately track customer-owned stock levels and set up remote part lockers
  • Track costs and eliminate errors and inventory redundancies
  • Part tracing is made easier with historical logs
  • Tighten inventory stock levels and boost operational efficiency
  • Historical tracking of all work orders
  • Automatic stock reordering
  • Return Materials Authorization (RMA) management
  • Bar code enabled for easy tracking
  • Cost variables automatically determine whether to repair or replace
  • Allows for bench technician workload balancing

CSDP Reverse Logistics Software Benefits

  • Increase inventory profitability
  • Balance resources more easily
  • Enable supply and demand predictability
  • Improve supplier and vendor relationships
  • Streamlined repair processes & inventory control reduces costs
  • Boost profitability with in-house repair automation
  • Higher productivity
  • Intelligent RMA management maximizes performance
  • Easy warranty validation
  • One of the highest ROIs in the industry