Get the maximum return on investment from your SRM© software. Keeping your people up-to-date and skilled on the tools they need to do their job effectively contributes directly to your bottom line. CSDP’s professional trainers can assist your users during the transition and ensure your field service teams hit the ground running. We offer end-user training and can also develop role-based training to target particular user groups.

End User SRM© Training

CSDP offers comprehensive end-user training for the field service solutions we develop to ensure that your people are properly trained on the SRM© software. Clients can choose from on-site training, tele-training, or a “train the trainer” program. Led by one of our professional trainers, we can ensure that your users are comfortable performing their everyday tasks on the new system. This allows your employees to get real-world training aimed at making your workforce more productive and efficient in their roles. We can walk teams through logging on, navigating the field service management software database, types of reports, searching for information and integrating other communication programs such as Microsoft Word.

Role-Based Training

Empower your user groups with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. CSDP will develop a series of user guides, presentations and training sessions prior to deployment which customized to target different user groups including but not limited to application administrators, business partners, external customers and internal support staff.

The benefits of customized role-based training include:

  • Ensuring that your teams understand their responsibilities
  • To facilitate more effective employees problem-solving
  • Promote a best-practices approach
  • Greatly improve the software ROI