We chose CSDP because at no point did we feel like we were just being sold software,” explains the CEO. “It was clear to their team that this project was a large undertaking for a company our size, and they respected and supported us right from the start. We based our decision on the relationship that had blossomed between our companies long before we ever cut a PO,” he states. “To this day, we feel they are as attentive as the very first day we met.”

Steve Studley, Trident Computer Resources, Ltd. CEO

In this video, Trident Computer Resources CEO Steve Studley describes the issues that Trident  experienced as they evaluated service relationship management software vendors.

Steve Interview 1

Trident Computer Resources CEO Steve Studley, continues his conversation about working with CSDP Corporation in identifying what Trident’s software needs actually were – and the relationship CSDP and Trident developed in the process.

Steve Interview 2

CEO Steve Studley, Trident Computer Resources concludes his interview describing his ongoing relationship with CSDP Corporation and how it has improved his bottom line.

Steve Interview 3