Service Relationship Management® (SRM™) is the proven approach that focuses on automating the administration of the end-to-end service life cycle and embraces the concept of service as a revenue generator, rather than a cost center. The tools and methods that support SRM provide a framework to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs in your service organization.

SRM also promotes higher customer satisfaction leading to more contract renewals and increased revenue. If you are looking for solutions in the areas of field service, reverse logistics, customer service, or end-to-end service management, SRM can provide sort of significant benefits your company needs.

The SRM Advantage:

CSDP embraces Service Relationship Management, harnessing the power of SRM into our methodologies, software solutions and consulting services. With competitive pressure emerging from all corners of the world, margins are continually squeezed. Driving profitable growth means streamlining operational efficiency (read our related blog on How to Stop Revenue Leakage).

According to the Technology Services Industry Associations’ (TSIA) white paper, Process Is the Key to Technology Project Success, the top two reasons technology projects fail are automating broken processes and implementing technology in lieu of process. SRM focuses on making sure your processes are documented and optimized to ensure any new technology is successful.

CSDP provides flexible service management solutions designed specifically to support the unique needs of service-centric organizations. We take a holistic approach to your business. We believe that any type of service management or field service solution goes well beyond software applications. Ours is truly a philosophy that concentrates on delivering service excellence while improving your bottom line. Our SRM product suite addresses complete end-to-end service life cycle management including Marketing and Quote Generation, Contact Center, Entitlement, Knowledge Management, Scheduling, Dispatch, Depot Repair, Inventory Control & Management, Contracts & Billing, Reports, and Training.

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