Our Warranty Entitlement SRM© software can provide the framework to turn your service center into a revenue generator. Cost versus revenue reports will show where service operations are losing money by either charging too little or providing free service when not warranted. CSDP can easily customize Warranty Entitlement or any of our other modules to meet your organization’s distinct needs. Your contact center and field service staff get real-time details on a customer’s exact entitlement status, whether under-contract, under-warranty or out-of-coverage enabling them to up-sell contracts during the initial call for service. Warranty Entitlement can act as a decision-making tool to help determine the most cost-effective service delivery method.

RM Warranty Entitlement Software Features

  • Generates cost versus revenue reports that will show where service operations are losing money
  • Gives you real-time information on a customer’s exact entitlement status
  • Capture manufacturer warranties by serial number
  • Create and manage customer contracts and extended warranty information in support of repair processes, including on-site services
  • Track warranty status for a part based on its use and configuration
  • Leverage bill of materials to associate secondary parts to primary parts for warranty purposes
  • Log and track activities related to warranty management and coverage issues
  • Facilitate communications about warranty coverage issues
  • Use transactioninspection information to determine warranty coverage and identify anomalies such as evidence of customer abuse or a faulty repair
  • Maintain customer and part specific inspection checklists
  • Determine necessary tasks depending on what is found during the scheduled or non-scheduled repair event
  • Highly customizable options including:


  • Customized to meet your specific needs
  • Optimize your service operations
  • Facilitate warranty verification by providing visibility to entitlement information
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