CSDP’s Time Tracking Solution Provides:

  • Custom integration to each client’s business
  • Process centered approach to integration and deployment
  • Employ BPM competencies for solving client’s problems
  • Automate multi-step business processes and their value chains
  • Automate the management of data and the exception processes
  • Unique transaction rollback, compensation and management techniques
  • Adaptive business processes that monitor real-time activities
  • Fully connected and integrated processes are able to achieve full visibility and automatic identification of opportunities and failures

CSDP’s Time Tracking Solution Benefits:

  • Proven global support of over 5,000 clients/partners
  • Technology agnostic – no software to buy and we can use interface technologies you already have
  • Speed of execution and deployment
  • Only purchase what you need
  • Transaction based pricing-no need to invest in software licenses or prices based on user count