CSDP’s SRM Training Software allows you to train you employees and assess their skills, both locally and globally. New hires can access training modules and skill assessment tools while management controls course prerequisites and requirements as well as class schedules and locations. Get real-time details on class availability and wait lists. The training module can even match instructors with desired skills development.  Service organizations can use the SRM Training software as a stand-alone classroom application or as an employee skills database in combination with the Call Center or Dispatch modules for effective customer service and field service management.  Our software provides full course management and classroom functionality with grading, certification requirements and certificate creation.

SRM Training Software Features

  • Easily track employee, customer and partner training, certifications and qualifications
  • Manage all course related information from one interface including maximum number of students, tuition, qualified instructors, materials and equipment needed and more
  • Schedule and manage class sessions and student enrollments
  • Easily manage registrations, withdrawals, cancellations, instructor assignments and resource bookings from a central interface
  • Track and manage training costs and budgets
  • Demonstrate training compliance with status reports
  • Report on training hours, course progress, training costs by course, employee, job title, work group, division, location, year and more

SRM Training Software Benefits

  • Centralize data collection and reporting for all training
  • Proactively monitor training requirements and deadlines
  • Easily identify current and needed employee skills
  • Improve business performance by having the employees trained on the skills demanded by clients
  • Increase awareness of overdue and upcoming training
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