CSDP’s scheduling software uses a highly configurable ranking system to optimize the scheduling of resources and parts for your service organization. Resource scheduling allows clients to schedule technicians depending on the combination of training, distance and parts on hand.

The labor forecasting and shifting function of the scheduling software enables service organizations to accurately schedule individuals and groups based on both historic data and user established rules. The scheduling solution is designed to quickly deploy work schedules while providing the flexibility of exception based management. Automated engines identify optimal daily, weekly and monthly shift assignments and allow users to add, change and delete shifts by day, week, month or any other desired time frame.

SRM Scheduling Software Features

  • Automated shift assignment
  • Third-party route optimization software can be integrated into our scheduling module
  • Schedule and track project-level
  • Analyze performance standards and personal activity calendars
  • Manage on-site repair activities and consolidate and dispatch work to repair vendors based on rules and policies, customer preferences, priorities, cost and availability
  • Access real-time data such as customer installed inventory and assign user entered parameters to make adjustments from historic data
  • Access data at any level to gather historic transactions and events within a transaction
  • Use data to predict expected transactions or events within a transaction
  • Highly customizable options including:

SRM Scheduling Software Benefits

  • Optimize your service operations, allowing you to increase productivity and effectively manage people, skills and projects
  • Allows clients to schedule technicians depending on the combination of training, distance and parts on hand

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