CSDP provides strong analytical tools for optimizing service center operations.  Our Reporting SRM© software provides features to create reports for failure analysis, Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), Part Usage, Down Time, and Labor Distribution. CSDP can also customize reports to your exact requirements. We have vast experience integrating with third-party reporting applications and data warehouses. Get the reports you need to make critical business decisions, faster and more effectively.

SRM Reporting Software Features

  • Can be customized to create reports to your exact requirements
  • Many standard reports for full business reporting, but can be customized
  • Can easily be integrated with third-party reporting applications and data warehouses
  • Highly customizable options including Depot Repair, Parts & Inventory Control, Contracts & Billing, Reports, Scheduling, Training and Warranty, Contracts, and Entitlements Management.

SRM Reporting Software Benefits

  • Optimize service center operations
  • Reports on Failure Analysis, Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), Part Usage, Down Time, and Labor Distribution
  • Make critical business decisions faster and more effectively

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