The SRM© Inventory Control Management software delivers inventory cost savings along with inventory control and predictability. CSDP gives you a competitive advantage by enabling integrated supply chain management and inventory control across your entire service organization.

With changing technology and increasing business costs, you need to be able to track your assets to prevent fraud and manage warranty reimbursements from your suppliers. The SRM© Inventory Control Management software module provides real-time visibility into supply, demand and inventory costs.

Serial and Non-Serial Parts Tracking

Our Inventory Control Management software provides serial and non-serial parts tracking. You collect proper accounting of consumable parts, requisitions and issues, customer orders, purchase orders, and repairable returns.

Vendor Relations

With vendor report cards you can track vendor performance which allows you to offer accurate feedback and make improvements to the client/vendor relationship. CSDP’s service management solution also facilitates accurate parts shipping and receiving functions including bar code printing and scanning as well as seamlessly interfacing with third-party delivery systems.

SRM © Parts & Inventory Control Features

  • Inventory control and parts management analysis & reporting
  • Easy customization from pallets to components
  • Accurately track customer-owned stock levels and set up remote part lockers
  • Track costs, reduce errors and eliminate inventory redundancies
  • Better part tracking with historical logs
  • Tighten inventory stock levels and boost operational efficiency
  • Competitive pricing

SRM © Inventory Control Benefits

  • Increase inventory profitability
  • Balance resources
  • Predict supply & demand
  • Improve supplier & vendor relations
  • Seamless integration
  • Reduce cost by streamlining inventory
  • One of the highest ROIs in the industry
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