Depot Repair Workflow

Companies dealing with service life cycle management know it’s critical to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs in their depot repair centers to increase customer satisfaction. CSDP’s SRM Depot Repair software offers a complete services management solution for implementing and supporting a refurbishment or reclamation center. Tightly coupled with the inventory module, the SRM’s Depot Repair software provides clear visibility and control of stocking levels and locations. It can even signal reorder points and initiate the order at any configured stock level.

Robust RMA & Warranty Management

The Depot Repair software can help manage and improve your margins. It provides strong functionality for managing Return Material Authorizations (RMAs) through the entire life cycle. It reduces any guesswork and also allows employees to do warranty validation. The Depot Repair’s Third Party Materials tracking logic clearly show when component parts are still under OEM warranty.With an integrated warranty entitlement module, you will see the customer’s exact warranty status. Knowing the repair is under-contract, under-warranty, or out-of-coverage, you’ll be able to take appropriate action. Knowledge of the customer’s coverage also gives an opportunity to offer additional contracts.

Clients can use the Depot Repair software module as an inverse-dispatch application where equipment and repair components travel to the technician. CSDP’s Depot Repair software allows you to enforce strict labor and cost reporting concerning all actions and materials required to make the repair.

SRM © Depot Repair Features

  • Depot repair management analysis & reporting
  • Warranty tracking
  • Automatic stock reordering
  • Robust Return Materials Authorization (RMA) management
  • Database agnostic
  • Bar code enabled for ease of tracking
  • Cost variables to automatically determine whether to repair or replace
  • Allows for bench technician workload balancing
  • Highly customizable options including Depot Repair, Parts & Inventory Control, Contracts & Billing, Reports, Scheduling, Training, Warranty and Entitlements Management.
  • Highly competitive pricing

 SRM © Depot Repair Benefits

  • Boost profitability with in-house repair automation
  • Raise productivity for workforce and equipment
  • Seamless integration
  • Streamline repair processes reduces costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Maximize performance with Intelligent RMA management
  • Easy warranty validation
  • One of the highest ROIs in the industry
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