Service organizations use our Contracts and Billing SRM © software to save time and increase efficiency by automating the numerous tasks that accompany a contract life cycle. Invoice customers at any desired frequency, including single-time, semi-annual, monthly or custom billing periods. Time and material charges can be handled separately or bundled with recurring charges. Alerts ensure that your service organization never misses a contract up for review or renewal again. The Contracts and Billing software makes it simple to process and renew contracts. Highly flexible, this companion software allows for mid-term pricing adjustments and automatic billing adjustments. Revenue and profitability reports are also provided.

SRM Contracts & Billing Software Features

  • Multiple contracts for a customer
  • Contract can have multiple systems
  • Surcharge/Discount at the unit level (specific coverage)
  • Provides report on contracts due to renew or expire
  • Re-pricing of a contract is done in test mode before contract is updated
  • Many standard billing reports are available including cost/revenue
  • Recurring payment invoices automatically generate based on contract schedule
  • Prorated billing for instances where the configuration changes during the contract term
  • Controls coverage hours and service zones by user-maintained codes and allows a price markup for each code
  • All invoices can be set up to go through an approval process
  • At closeout there is an option to exempt a call from contract, coverage and set up potential billable charge
  • Highly customizable options including Depot Repair, Parts & Inventory Control, Contracts & Billing, Reports, Scheduling, Training and Warranty, Contracts and Entitlements Management.

SRM Contracts & Billing Software Benefits

  • Save time and increase efficiency by automating the numerous tasks that accompany a contract life cycle
  • Billing intervals are easily configured and fully customizable
  • Highly flexible and easily adjustable

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