CSDP is a services-led software company with solutions that automate and streamline the post-sale service delivery life cycle process including warranty & entitlement management, field service, reverse logistics and customer support.

Here are a few examples of what Service Relationship Management solutions can do:

  • On-Demand Work Flow – allows for changes to be made “on the fly” and for immediate response to business and environmental changes as they happen.
  • Flexibility – systems that are tailored to the business, instead of trying to force fit out-of the-box solutions.
  • Consolidation – a single, unified view of all customer and service delivery operations.
  • Implementation in weeks instead of months providing immediate ROI.
  • A services-led approach – transforms the delivery of services from OK to outstanding by maximizing business processes.
  • Modular implementation – each module can be provided individually and can be easily added to existing infrastructure, extending the life of existing IT investments.
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