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CSDP is a services-led software company with solutions that can automate and streamline the entire post-sale Service Delivery Lifecycle process including warranty & entitlement management, field service, reverse logistics and customer support. We offer:

  • An On-Demand Work Flow solution allowing you to make changes "on the fly" and instantly respond to business and environmental changes as they happen.
  • Flexible solutions that are tailored to a your unique business requirements, instead of trying to force fit out-of the-box solutions.
  • A single, unified view of all customer and service delivery operations.
  • Implementation in weeks - not months providing immediate ROI.
  • A services-led approach that helps take your service delivery from OK to very good by maximizing your business processes.
  • Modular implementation: each of our modules can be provided individually and can be easily "bolted" into your existing infrastructure, thereby extending the life of your existing IT investments. 

CSDP's Warranty, Contract, and Entitlement Management Software Solution


At CSDP, we build our software from an entitlement's perspective so that the transactions can be developed using the foundation of the terms and conditions of the contract. This allows maximum flexibility to develop and implement the terms and conditions of a contract. With this solution, you get at-a-glance information on a customer’s exact entitlement status, whether under-contract, under-warranty, or out-of-coverage. CSDP’s SRM Contract and Warranty software is at the heart of all our SRM solutions. It operates as a standalone solution to provide a single view of your customer warranty, contract, and other critical information or can be
integrated into any of our other SRM modules to turn service centers into revenue generating operations.

CSDP's Field Service Software Solution


CSDP’s Service Relationship Management
® (SRMTM) for Field Service software focuses on ensuring that service technicians with the right skill set are properly dispatched the first time with the right information and parts, which is critical to both customer satisfaction and service profitability.  The heart of the system is our entitlement engine that quickly and easily identifies what level and type of service your customer is entitled to. This ensures you meet your contractual SLA requirements and don’t over deliver or under deliver service. Our mobility solutions give field technicians real-time access to critical service data 24x7 and allow them to complete transactions while on-site.

CSDP’s Field Service software solution typically includes the following modules:
Dispatch, Entitlement, Scheduling, Time Tracking, Knowledge Management and Reporting modules. Other SRM modules can easily be added to SRM for Field Service including Contracts & Billing, Contact Center, Inventory Control, Depot, and Training.

CSDP's Reverse Logistics Software Solutions 

CSDP’s Service Relationship Management
 (SRM) for Reverse Logistics is designed to improve inventory and parts management and operational efficiencies when delivering services. The solution provides in-depth, real-time visibility into demand, supply, and inventory costs. With a clear view of the stocking levels of materials, your returns management and depot repair centers gain a competitive advantage.


CSDP’s Reverse Logistics software solution typically includes the following modules: Entitlement, Depot, Inventory Control, Training, and Reporting modules. Other SRM modules can easily be added to SRM for Reverse Logistics including Contracts & Billing, Contact Center, Dispatch, Scheduling, Time Tracking, and Knowledge Management.

CSDP's Customer Support Software Solution

Effective customer support means offering rapid response and resolution using the right information. CSDP’s Customer Support software handles all types of service requests via voice phone, web, email, IVR and electronic interface for your call center, help desk and service organization. Robust assignment logic routes requests to queues or individuals based on any data element of a Service Request or combination of data elements.  Our sophisticated knowledge base and entitlement engine means you’ll have all the information about each customer, their history and the history of their products/services to improve first call resolution.

CSDP’s Customer Support software solution typically includes the following modules:
Contact Center, Knowledge Management, Entitlement, Training, and Reporting modules. Other SRM modules can easily be added to SRM for Customer Support including Contracts & Billing, Depot, Inventory Control, Dispatch, Scheduling, and Time Tracking.

Next steps

  • To see a demo or speak to one of our Service Relationship Management software consultants about how we can improve your service operations, please contact us at (888) 741-2737 or fill out this form.
  • View our Product Tour.
  • Download Service Revenue Trends - A Joint Research Paper from TSIA and CSDP that will help you understand the trends in services revenue and profits and how they affect your company.
  • If you want your systems and processes to be interconnected, check out CSDP and Sorvive's joint cloud-based middleware solution.


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